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Frame Grabbers, Machine Vision Software Support, and Applications Development Software

BitFlow has been developing industrial frame grabbers and software for the imaging industry since 1993. We specialize in interfacing to cameras with very high data/frame rates; working in environments with complex triggering and I/O requirements; and running in applications where every CPU cycle is precious. Our software is some of the easiest to use, yet incredibly powerful and reliable. With thousands of boards installed throughout the world, into hundreds of imaging applications, we are confident that we can solve your imaging problems.

Frame Grabbers

Need to move a ton of data really fast?

The modern answer to this question is the brand new standard called CoaXPress. Built from scratch to satisfy the needs of the Machine Vision Industry, CoaXPress picks up where Camera Link left off, solving the distance, power, bandwidth and cost problems all over simple coaxial cables.

Wondering what CoaXPress is?

CoaXPress, often called "CXP", carries 6.25 Gb/S of data, provides 13 Watts of power, squeezes in a 20 Mb/S uplink, and does all this over off-the-shelf, low-cost 75 Ohm coax. Even more amazing is that all this is supported over distances of 100 meters. CXP is Machine Vision system designers dream.

Need even more speed?

CoaXPress links can be aggregated as needed. The new BitFlow Cyton-CXP has four 6.25 Gb/S links providing a total throughput of 25 Gb/S. The back end of the Cyton is based on PCIe x8 Gen 2 DMA engine. This engine can DMA at speeds approaching 4 GB/S (yes Bytes per second)

Need a high speed uplink?

The BitFlow Cycton-CXP has a fith CoaXPress channel that can be used as a high speed uplink to the camera. This can be used for extremely accurate/low-latency triggers and/or bulk uploads to the camera.

Still using Camera Link?

BitFlow has been making Camera Link frame grabbers since 2000. We have wide range of solutions to cover almost all possible application needs. From the low cost single/dual/quad Neon Family, the high power/high speed Karbon family. BitFlow has the right frame grabber for you.

Using multiple cameras per system?

BitFlow makes multi-camera frame grabbers in both CoaXPress and Camera Link versions. Use a single slot to acquire from up to four cameras. Multi-camera frame grabbers can drastically reduce system costs by reducing component counts and PCIe footprint.

Need power?

BitFlow makes Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers that can power the camera over their main interconnect. For Camera Link, this means the boards are PoCL capable. For CoaXPress, this means that the boards are PoCXP capable. Powering the camera from the frame grabber simplifies system design and lowers costs.

Require Precise Control?

All BitFlow products have all the I/O you will need for inputs/outputs/triggers/encoders, no matter how complex, and the software/architecture to control them.

Need reliability?

Our industrial strength frame grabbers have what it takes to run on the factory floor for years, yet are priced to make you forget the competition.

Need longevity?

We know it often takes years to deploy and new machine. More importantly, once it's in the field, an OEM wants to ship the same product for years. We design and build our frame grabbers so support long product cycles. In fact we are still building frame grabbers that first shipped in 1997.

3rd-Party Software Development


MVTec's HALCON is a powerful machine vision environment. All of BitFlow's frame grabbers are supported. Our driver has many custom modes and parameters that let HALCON users take full advantage of our board's capabilities

Using StreamPix?

NorPix's StreamPix software supports all of BitFlow's modern frame grabber. StreamPix acquires high speed sequence of images to memory or hard drives. It also offers advance control over BitFlow's product from directly inside the StreamPix environment.

Using Cognex VisionPro?

BitFlow was one of the first 3rd party frame grabber makers to support Cognex's VisionPro machine vision tool. All of BitFlow's modern frame grabbers are supported by our VisionPro adapter.


BitFlow fully supports all aspects of image acquisition the The Mathwork's MATLAB environment. Once images are captured, they can be processing using the full power ot MATLABs many image processing routines.

Using LabView?

LabView is a enormous graphical programming environment. BitFlow's boards are available as Virtual Instruments (VI) that let you connect them right up to your image processing algorithms.

Using another 3rd party application?

BitFlow supports many 3rd party applications, for more information click here. If you don't see your package, let us know.

Application Development

Want to roll your own?

Of course, many customers like to write their own software. Our Software Development Kit provides hi-level APIs that make integrating our boards into your application quick and simple.

Need to get up and running right now?

BitFlow's BufIn API does all the work of buffer management for you. A few lines of code and your acquireing directly into your application using a spophisticated buffer management system. The SDK also included a huge number of examples, most likely one is very close to your application and can be copied directly.

Need a special mode?

BitFlow's archtecture is completely open. If you need low level register access, there's an API for that as well, and all the registers of all of our products are documented in our reference manuals.

Need Linux?

We offer a super efficient Linux API that supports all modern 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Linux.

Need a monstrous amount of memory?

We have a true 64-bit SDK that runs on 64-bit versions of Windows.You can allocate as much memory as you can fit in your PC and out boards will DMA images to all of it without using any CPU cycles.

Have multiple image-based products?

Our "write once, use anywhere" architecture means that you only have to create one code base for use on any/all our products, greatly simplifying your product development and production.


Need to contact a sales person?

BitFlow sells through world-wide through distrubutors, and in the United States through Manufacturer's Representatives. Our Sales Channel has been fully trained in our products and can answer you pre- and post-sales questions. Should you not have a representative in your territory, you can contact us directly with your questions.

Need support?

BitFlow provides some of the best technical support in the industry. We know you have a sophisticated application with a tight deadline, most of our customers do, and we'll do whatever is needed to get your application up and running quickly and reliably. Our customers start their first project with us because of our products' features, but the design their second, third, etc. project with us because of our support.

Need to know more about BitFlow?

BitFlow was founded in 1993 by a group of folks that had been in the imaging industry for years. Our first product provided a giant leap forward for machine vision customers by leveraging the emerging power of the Personal Computer. We have been designing sophisticated, yet easy to use, hardware and software for the machine vision market ever since. All along we have found and kept customers by providing personal and comprehensive technical support. As we look into the future, we see faster products with more power, more sophisticated software, but the same personal attention to our customers.

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Cognex VisionPro Support Updated

The BitFlow Adapter for Cognex VisionPro has been updated. The new version supports VisionPro 6.X through 8.x and BitFlow SDK version 5.2 through 5.9. This includes support the the new Cyton Family. Not only have we updated support to the latest BitFlow and Cognex releases, we have also enhanced our adapter's functionality by adding many new custom controls. Please see the "ReadMe.txt" file that comes with the installer. The adapter can be downloaded from our downloads page.

The Cyton Manual A.0 Released

We have finished the Cyton Hardware Reference Manual. This is the first non-preliminary version (A.0) and corresponds to the hardware/firmware/software that is SDK 5.9. The manual can be downloaded from our downloads page.

BitFlow SDK 5.90 Final Available

We have finished our Beta program and testing process and we are proud to announce our SDK 5.90 release. There have been very few changes between this release and the previous release candidate 5.899. This release is stable and ready for production deployment. This release supports all current BitFlow frame grabbers. All Karbon-CXP and Cyton-CXP users should upgrade there development and deployment to this release. Users of other BitFlow frame grabbers should upgrade and their needs warrant.

BitFlow World Tour

BitFlow will be exhibiting at the following shows this year:

Automation World 2014

Seoul, Korea - 3/4-3/7 - Booth S122, Hall B

Vision China Shanghai 2014

Shanghai China - 3/18-3/20 - Booth 1148 (Beijing Image), Booth 1252 (AMTV)

The Vision Show 2014

Boston, MA, USA - 4/15-4/17 - Booth 510

SPIE Defense and Security

Baltimore, MD, USA - 5/6-5/8 - Booth 1206


Stuttgart, Germany - 11/4-11/6 - Booth A-05, Hall 1

BitFlow SDK 5.89 Beta Available

BitFlow has announced the public Beta of its SDK 5.89. This is primarily for users of its Cyton-CXP frame grabbers. However, this will support all modern BitFlow frame grabbers. This is a Beta release, so it is not recommend for production. However, we are opening this release up to the public so that it will get more testing in a wider range of applications. The final release candidate will hopefully be available in a within a few months. This new release is available for download on the downloads page. Please report any problems to BitFlow customer support.

The Vision Show 2014 in Boston

BitFlow will be exhibiting at The Vision Show in Boston, Massachusetts, April 15, 2015 to April 17, 2014. We have some exciting products to announce, so be sure to come and see our booth.

BitFlow's MATLAB adapter has been updated

BitFlow continues to improve their support for The Mathworks MATLAB. The latest adapater supports SDK 5.2 to 5.7 and all modern BitFlow frame grabbers. To access the new adapter go to the download page. The new features are listed below.