Karbon CL4-SP

Karbon-CL4-SP is a special version of the Karbon-CL designed to handle the latest 80-bit 85 MHz cameras. These are the fastest cameras supported by the Camera Link standard and are currently produced by most of the top camera manufacturers. Because the data rate of these cameras is so high, both of the DMA engines on the Karbon-CL4-SP are needed to move this incredible amount of data to the host. This means that the Karbon-CL4-SP can support only one 85 MHz 80-bit camera. This frame grabber was developed in response to OEM demand and, to eliminate unnecessary costs the components not used in this configuration have been removed. The most likely user are the OEM customers that deploy products using only one camera (and don’t need the flexibility offered by the standard CL4-F model). However, the “SP” model can still acquire from any base, medium or full CL camera made today.


  • Half-Size x8 PCI Express Board
  • Up to 80 bits input at 85 MHz
  • Acquire from one Base/Medium/Full/80-bit CL cameras
  • FlowThru technology eliminates the need for on-board frame buffers, even with the fastest cameras
  • Multi-tap cameras rasterized on the fly
  • Highly configurable acquisition engine
  • DMA at burst rates up to 2.0 GB/S
  • Supports images up to 256K x 128K
  • No frame rate limit
  • Quadrature encoder support including sophisticated triggering schemes
  • Encoder divider/multiplier
  • On board timing generator supports high-resolution exposure control
  • Independent trigger and encoder inputs for each camera
  • Independent CCs outputs for each camera
  • General purpose I/O
  • MDR Camera Link connectors
  • Supported by the BitFlow SDK on 32 and 64-bit Windows
  • Acquire image sequences well beyond the 4 GB barrier
  • Drivers, utilities and examples for Windows and Linux
  • RoHS Complaint

Replacement Frame Grabber

Axion 1xE