BitFlow is committed to long term support of its customer’s applications. Up until recently (2017) we still shipped the Road Runner family that we first released in 1997! The problem, however, with some of these older applications is that the pace of PC progress is fast. Motherboards have changed dramatically and operating systems continue to advance and leave older technology behind. But BitFlow has not forgotten its customers, which is why we have released the Neon-DIF. We are dedicated to supporting all of our customers, old and new. The Neon-DIF provides an upgrade path for customers using these older differential systems. We kept the connector the same, so you can use old cables. We kept the API the same (recompile is required), so you can use older code. We have tried to make the experience of moving from 1997 technology to today’s technology as painless as possible.

Although the industry has long since moved past differential frame grabbers, we at BitFlow understand that some of our customers simply cannot switch to the newer standards (whether it be due to logistics or project constraints). BitFlow is committed to supporting its customers over the long haul, and the Neon-DIF is a testament to that.

Read more about the Neon DIF here.