Legacy Products

The products in this section are no longer manufactured. However, as with all of our products, we still fully support them. Many legacy products are still supported by our latest software releases. Products are moved into the legacy category when we release a new, better product that has the same or greater capabilities. BitFlow is an OEM focused company though, and we understand that our customers need the ability to ship their products for many years without making engineering changes.

Below is a list of all major hardware products ever released by BitFlow and their associated status

ProductYear ReleasedYear EOLAvailability
Video Raptor VESA1993No longer available
Data Raptor VESA1993No longer available
Video Raptor PCI1995No longer available
Data Raptor PCI1995No longer available
Road Runner19972017No longer available
Raven1998No longer available
R3-CL20022017Limited quantities, contact sales for more information
R3-DIF20022017Limited quantities, contact sales for more information
R3-CL-PMC20022012*No longer available
R64-CL2003No longer available
R64e-CL2005No longer available
Karbon-CL20062017No longer available
Alta-AN20082016No longer available
Karbon-CXP20112016No longer available
Neon CLB20082021Limited quantities, contact sales for more information
Neon CLD20092021No longer available
Neon CLQ20102021No longer available