Third Party Software

While some customers prefer to write their own image processing software, many prefer to take advantage of the years of experience offered by companies that specialize in imaging software. For these folks BitFlow offers a full set of 3rd party drivers for the most popular image processing and machine vision applications. The best part is that there is no charge for these drivers and the only other thing that is needed is the free version of the SDK (drivers only version).

Drivers are available for off-the-shelf 3rd party applications such as A&B Software’s ImageWarp, Cognex’s VisionPro, MVTec’s HALCON, The Mathworks MATLAB, National Instrument’s LabView, NorPix’s StreamPix, IO Industries’ Streams, and Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox. BitFlow also provides a TWAIN driver (TWAIN is an image acquisition standard used by hundreds of applications). If you don’t see your favorite package here, please let us know!

All of BitFlow’s third party drivers have been optimized for ease of use, fast acquisition, and minimal CPU usage. We have worked hard to make these drivers deliver images to your application as quickly as the application can take them. All of our drivers support all of our current product families. This means that you only need one driver for a given application regardless of which of our frame grabbers you are using. All of these drivers require that the latest BitFlow SDK be installed on your computer. However, you can use the drivers only version of the SDK which is free and can be downloaded from this site.

Some drivers are available directly from the manufacturer while other drivers can be downloaded from our Customer Support Files page. See the following table for more information on your package.

Package DriverLocation
A&B Software ImageWarpIncluded in distribution
A&B Software ActiveBFIncluded in distribution
Adaptive Vision
Adaptive Vision
Cognex VisionProDownloads Page
The Mathworks MATLABDownloads Page
Media Cybernetics ImageProDownloads Page
MVTec HALCONDownloads Page
National Instruments LabViewDownloads Page
NorPix (contact BitFlow support for drivers)
TWAINDownloads Page
Stemmer Vision BloxDownloads Page
IO Industries Streams