BitFlow is a leading manufacturer of digital Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers (an electronic device used to transfer images from a camera into a computer).


HardwareCL Base Family

BitFlow has a frame grabber model for almost every camera manufactured. Whether your camera is CoaXPress, Camera Link, Differential (LVDS or RS422). Select from the current options below.

CoaXPress (CXP)CoaxPress frame grabbers
Camera Link (CL)Camera Link frame grabbers
DifferentialDifferential frame grabbers
Cables & AccessoriesCables and accessories

Not sure what family is right for you? Click the Product Matrix menu button. Have a camera and not sure what model you need? Check out the Frame Grabber Finder.

There is also a selection of cables to enable interfacing to the cameras from the frame grabbers.  For the cables, to know which cable works for which frame grabber, see our Cable Matrix page. We recently introduced the BitBox for the customers who need more I/O connections in their applications. If you know what you need, see the menu at left to go straight to the product page. Still confused? Give us a call or send us an e-mail (see the Sales link). Also check out the camera compatibility chart under the Support menu.


Application Development Software

BitFlow Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a powerful way to get images into your application from all of BitFlow’s frame grabbers. The current SDK release is the result of years of experience writing drivers for camera interface hardware, and our engineers have years of experience in this same area before they started at BitFlow. The goal has always been the same, produce an easy to use and learn SDK, one that isn’t bloated with 1000’s of functions that you’ll never use, but has enough power and flexibility to help you get your application written quickly and efficiently. The SDK provides APIs that let you program the boards at many different levels. From low level hardware control to high level board-generic circular buffer management, the BitFlow SDK gives exactly as much control as you need, while at the same timing maintain the smallest possible application footprint.

Click here to learn more about the BitFlow SDK.

Third Party Imaging Software Drivers

While some customers prefer to write their own image processing software, many prefer to take advantage of the years of experience offered by companies that specialize in imaging software. BitFlow supports both types of customers with our full featured SDK for customers wanting to do their own coding, and full set of 3rd party drivers for the most popular image processing and machine vision applications. All of BitFlow’s third party drivers have been optimized for ease of use, fast acquisition, and minimal CPU usage. We have worked hard to make these drivers deliver images to your application as quickly as the application can take them.

Click here to learn more about 3rd party drivers.