CoaXPress (CXP) is a simple yet powerful standard for moving high speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber.

In 2011, CXP6 (revision 1.1) was ratified and has the following characteristics.

Video is captured at speeds of up to 6.25 Gigabits/Second (Gb/S). Control commands and triggers can be sent simultaneously to the camera at rates up to 20 Mb/S (with a trigger accuracy of +/- 2 nanoseconds). Up to 13 W of power can also supplied to the camera. All of this happens over a single piece of industry standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable.

Multiple CXP links can be aggregated to support higher data rates (e.g. four links provide 25 Gb/S of data).

In 2019, CXP12 (revision 2.0) was adopted effectively doubling the speeds to 12.5 Gb/s per link and adding a host of new features.

The CXP standard opens the door to applications where cable cost, routing requirements, and long distances have prevented the move to high resolution, high speed digital cameras. In many cases, existing coaxial infrastructure can be repurposed for CXP with very low installation costs.

BitFlow offers two families of CoaXPress (v1.1) products.

  • Cyton CXP (multiple link solutions)
  • Aon CXP (single link solutions)

For the new CoaXPress (v2.0) BitFlow has the Claxon family.

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Cyton CXP2

Cyton CXP2
Cyton CXP4

Cyton CXP4
One single link CXP-6 (6.25 Gb/S) cameraOne dual link CXP-6 camera, or
Two single link CXP-6 cameras
One quad link CXP-6 camera, or
Two dual link CXP-6 cameras, or
Four single link CXP-6 cameras
Claxon CXP1

Claxon CXP2
Claxon CXP2

Claxon CXP2
Claxon CXP4

One single link CXP-12 (12.5 Gb/S) cameraOne dual link CXP-12 camera, or
Two single link CXP-12 cameras
One quad link CXP-12 camera, or
Two dual link CXP-12 cameras, or
Four single link CXP-12 cameras