BitFlow I/O Cables

This section contains details on some of the I/O cables that are available from BitFlow. In general, there is an I/O cable for each model frame grabber. Some model frame grabbers have more than one I/O cable option. In the drop down menu, you will see a list of the available cables. Click on the cable you are interested in to learn more information about it.

The main purpose of these I/O cables is to make the frame grabber’s I/O signals, that are usually located on a connector inside the PC, available for connecting to signals that are outside of the PC.

Note: not all of the cables available from BitFlow are listed here. Please contact BitFlow if you do not see the cable you are looking for.

Our Cable Matrix table is located below

This cableCan work with......and also...
CONN-CYTAX-SYNCAxion 1xE, Axion 2xECyton CXP2, Cyton CXP4
CONN-DEV-C62Axion 1xE, Axion 2xECyton CXP2, Cyton CXP4
IOB-DEV-C60Axion 1xE, Axion 2xECyton CXP2, Cyton CXP4,
Neon CLQ