Technical Support

BitFlow prides itself on providing the best technical support in our industry. On polls of our sales channels, BitFlow consistently is ranked number one in technical support amongst all of our channels vendors. There are many ways to obtain technical support from BitFlow. All of your options are listed below.

Direct Support

There are two methods of direct support, email and phone.


For email support please address all your questions to support@  As always, we would like to know some information about your system set up.    So if we have this information up front, we are able to resolve your question in a shorter time frame.

A list of what we need is available here

  • Model and serial number (on a small yellow sticker) of your board.
  • Make and model of camera and mode being used.
  • Manufacturer and model of camera cable.
  • Installation information, run VerCheck, save the output to a text file.
  • Computer CPU model, mother board make and model.
  • Operating system, service pack.
  • Example code (if applicable).
  • The Windows Event Viewer System log from the period of time when the
    problem occurred. Save the file as a *.evt or *.evtx file.

By emailing all of this information into us with your initial inquiry, we are best able to serve you.   We may ask for additional information, but this is a good place to start.


At times, we may ask you to call us, so we can ask some quick questions, and also answer some concerns you may have or explain something over the phone.  We will follow this with an email so you are aware of what was accomplished and discussed.  In any case, this is your way of having a record of how to deal with your issue the next time you may face something similar.

For phone calls, please dial +1-(781) 404-5185.  Our operating hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST (GMT-4).


A lot of our customers tend to have similar questions as they begin working with our frame grabbers.  We have a live document here, and continue to update it as we see more and more similar questions.