Neon CLD

The Neon-CLD

Please note that this product is EOL and should not be used for new projects.  For the replacement frame grabber, please use the Axion 2xB

The Neon-CLD  supports two cameras on the same low-cost x4 PCIe platform. Both cameras can be run completely independent (with different resolutions, frame rates, triggering modes, etc.) or perfectly synchronized. The Neon-CLD is incredibly flexible and powerful, yet it can substantially lower your system cost. Not only is the Neon-CLD very aggressively priced, but there are additional savings from connecting two cameras to one frame grabber.

Adding the Neon-CLD to your application is simple with our SDK, which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Develop your application using our sophisticated buffer management APIs, or download our free drivers, available for most 3rd party machine vision packages. The Neon-CLD is software compatible with the single camera Neon-CLB, thus making the number of cameras in a system a manufacturing time decision.

If you need the simplest, most reliable, and best performing dual Base Camera Link/PoCL frame grabber, call BitFlow today to get our Neon-CLD, BitFlow’s 4th generation of robust, industrial CL imaging products.


  • Supports two Base CL cameras
  • Provides Power over Camera Link (PoCL) for both cameras
  • Support both PoCL and non-PoCL cameras
  • Provides Safe Power – full protection from all CL power line faults
  • Both cameras can be independent of synchronized
  • Separate I/O for each camera
  • MDR Camera Link connectors
  • The Neon-CLD appears to Windows as two separate frame grabbers
  • Fully backwards compatible with non-PoCL cameras and cables
  • Half-Size x4 PCI Express Board
  • Acquire up to 24 bits at 85 MHz
  • FlowThru technology means that no on-board memory is needed
  • Sustained DMA rates up to 350 MB/S for each camera (700 MB/S total)
  • Supports images up to 256K x 128K
  • No frame rate limit
  • Triggers and encoders for external control of acquisition
  • Programmable signal generator for camera control (independent for each camera)
  • Quadrature encoder support including sophisticated triggering schemes
  • Encoder divider/multiplier
  • Drivers, utilities and examples for Windows and Linux
  • Supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Drivers for most 3rd party processing environments (e.g. HALCON, LabView, VisionPro, MATLAB, etc.)
  • Acquire variable length frames with line scan cameras
  • Acquire image sequences well beyond the 4GB barrier
  • RoHS compliant

Ordering Information

Part number:  NEO-PCE-CLD

SDK 5.30 or later required


Neon manual

SDK Manual

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