Product Matrix

Choosing a BitFlow Frame Grabber

There are many BitFlow Frame Grabbers to choose from, choosing the right one for your application is easy. The most important deciding factor is the output format of the camera you are using. Beyond that, the main choices are bus format, bus bandwidth requirements, and operating system. The table below makes is easy to choose the right product.

In the tables below, the columns have the following meanings:

  • Product – Command name of the frame grabber.
  • Model – Product model number.
  • Interface – Type of camera this board interfaces to. If multiple camera types are supported, this will be the “biggest”. For example, and frame grabber that can accept a Full Camera Link camera, can also accept Base and Medium CL camera.
  • Max Cams – The maximum number of cameras that this board can acquire from simultaneously.
  • Bus – The computer bus that this board plugs into.

Current products

Product NameModelInterfaceMax CamsBus
Aon CXPAON-PC2-CXPCoaXPress1 CXP-6PCIe x2 Gen2
Axion 1xBAXN-PC2-CL-1xBCamera Link1 BasePCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 2xBAXN-PC2-CL-2xBCamera Link2 BasePCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 4xBAXN-PC2-CL-4xBCamera Link4 BasePCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 1xEAXN-PC2-CL-1xECamera Link1 Base/Med/Full/80-bitPCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 2xEAXN-PC2-CL-2xECamera Link2 Base/Med/Full/80-bitPCIe x4 Gen2
Claxon CXP1CLX-PC2-CXP1CoaXPressOne CXP-12PCIe x4 Gen2
Claxon CXP2CLX-PC3-CXP2CoaXPressTwo CXP-12PCIe x8 Gen3
Claxon CXP4CLX-PC3-CXP4CoaXPressFour CXP-12PCIe x8 Gen3
Claxon FiberCLX-PC3-CXF4CoFFour CXP-12PCIe x8 Gen3
Cyton CXP2CYT-PC2-CXP2CoaXPressTwo CXP-6PCIe x8 Gen2
Cyton CXP4CYT-PC2-CXP4CoaXPressFour CXP-6PCIe x8 Gen2
Neon DIFNEO-PCE-DIFLVDS32-Bit, 2-ChannelPCIe x4

Legacy products

Product NameModelInterfaceMax CamsBus
Alta AN1ALT-PCE-AN1Analog1PCIe x4
Alta AN4ALT-PCE-AN4Analog4PCIe x4
Karbon CL2-DKBN-PCE-CL2-DCamera Link2 BasePCIe x8
Karbon CL2-FKBN-PCE-CL2-FCamera Link1 Base/Med/FullPCIe x8
Karbon CL4-DKBN-PCE-CL4-DCamera Link4 BasePCIe x8
Karbon CL4-FKBN-PCE-CL4-FCamera Link2 Base/Med/FullPCIe x8
Karbon CL4-SPKBN-PCE-CL4-SPCamera Link1 Base/Med/Full/80-bitPCIe x8
Karbon CXP2KBN-PCE-CXP2CoaXPressTwo 6.25 GbsPCIe x8
Karbon CXP4KBN-PCE-CXP4CoaXPressFour 3.125 Gbs/Two 6.25 GbsPCIe x8
Neon CLBNEO-PCE-CLBCamera Link PoCL1 BasePCIe x4
Neon CLDNEO-PCE-CLDCamera Link PoCL2 BasePCIe x4
Neon CLQNEO-PCE-CLQCamera Link PoCL4 BasePCIe x4
R3-CL13R3-PCI-CL13Camera Link1-Channel BasePCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
R3-CL23R3-PCI-CL23Camera Link2-Channel BasePCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
R3-CL-PMCR3-PMC-CL23Camera Link2-Channel BasePMC 32-Bit/33 MHz
R3-DIFR3-PCI-DIFLVDS32-Bit, 2-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 11RUN-PCI-11RS4228-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 11MRUN-PCI-11-MLVDS8-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 12RUN-PCI-12RS42216-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 12MRUN-PCI-12-MLVDS16-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 14RUN-PCI-14RS42232-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 14MRUN-PCI-14-MLVDS32-Bit, 1-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 24RUN-PCI-24RS42232-Bit, 2-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 24MRUN-PCI-24-MLVDS32-Bit, 2-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 44RUN-PCI-44RS42232-Bit, 4-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz
Road Runner 44MRUN-PCI-44-MLVDS32-Bit, 4-ChannelPCI 32-Bit/33 MHz