Introducing the BitBox

The BitBox is BitFlow’s new solution for high density I/O applications. Many machine makers require a large number of computer managed I/O signals for continuous control of the system state. This includes controlling devices such as strobes, solenoids, actuators, indicators, switches, encoders, and triggers, as well as gathering inputs from photo-detectors. In general, BitFlow frame grabbers come with a fairly large number of inputs and outputs, but for some systems this is simply not enough. Most customers end up purchasing another device to manage the I/O which adds expense, requires another slot, another driver and SDK, another manual, etc. The BitBox has been designed for just this situation. It is controlled completely from the frame grabber and uses the same API, driver, and manuals as the frame grabber. This saves time, money, and space. It is also straightforward and easy to use.


  • 36 inputs, 36 outputs
  • 12 TTL inputs, 12 TTL outputs
  • 12 differential inputs, 12 differential outputs
  • 8 Opto-isolated input, 8 Opto-isolated outputs
  • 4 high voltage inputs (12 to 24 V), 4 high voltage outputs (Open Collector – 3.3 to 24V)
  • Input level can be read by software
  • Inputs can be routed to the acquisition engine, Timing Sequencer trigger, camera, outputs
  • Outputs can be static (software controlled), dynamic (from the Timing Sequencer), source from other inputs
  • DIN-35 Rail mountable
  • LEDS indicate power, input activity, output activity
  • Many different cabling options supported from frame grabber to BitBox
  • Cables can be purchased from BitFlow or customer manufactured (simple connectors used throughout)
  • Power requirements 5 to 24 VDC

Ordering Information

Part number:  IOB-ISO35-C144-KIT

Note that this is the starter kit and contains everything needed to get the system up and running.  Additional components are listed below.


For short distances below 2 meters, you may use the CAB-BOX-INT-F and
the CAB-BOX-EXT-F-2M. These cables are only intended for evaluation and easy

For cables longer than 2 meters, you must use the CAB-BOX-INT-PWR and
the CAB-BOX-EXT-xM, which are made as shielded twisted pairs.

SDK 6.30 or later required

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