Why choose BitFlow?

Since 1993 BitFlow frame grabbers have been a major part of numerous industrial and medical image-based systems. Why do OEMs select our frame grabbers over our competition? There are many answers, but it all stems from our deep knowledge of our customers – understanding what each company and each person requires from a frame grabber, and from a frame grabber company.

It starts with having the right products for the task at hand. Hardware engineers and designers take comfort in knowing that BitFlow supports all Camera Link cameras – all base, medium, full and 10-taps versions. We support each camera’s highest frame rate and support every mode in which the camera operates. Every one of our frame grabbers has several of each trigger Input and Output type, plus the controlling architecture to support every triggering scheme, so we know we can solve any Camera Link-based vision application.

cxpfamily-v14And that goes for analog too. Our new Alta-AN analog frame grabbers are compatible with any RS170/CCIR, monochrome progressive scan, monochrome frame reset, or true color RGB camera. Our analog frame grabbers have the same triggering I/O capabilities as their Camera Link cousins, making them the most capable 8 and 24 bit analog frame grabber products available today.

ForĀ applications where multiple cameras are required, system architects will be glad to know that we have both Camera Link and Analog products with one, two, and even four camera inputs. Each input is a virtual frame grabber unto itself, meaning that the cameras do not have to be synchronized. Each camera input can be programmed separately and can function as a completely different frame-grabbing entity.

We understand that your development engineers’ time is important too. Our focus is to get our customers though their development stage quickly and painlessly. We do this by providing many excellent source code example programs that can easily be added to your OEM product. Adding image acquisition, no matter how complex, has never been easier. And, just to be sure, we have expert hardware and software support people ready to answer your questions and provide guidance in a timely and meaningful manner. BitFlow customers do not struggle!

Once your development is done, product and project managers alike appreciate that their engineering investment will pay dividends in the many years to come. That one image acquisition program just written by your development team runs on all BitFlow frame grabbers – all of the current generation, past generations and even future generations. For your product’s next generation, or for your sibling products that may use a different model BitFlow frame grabber, a simple recompile of the BitFlow source code will likely be all that is required.aon-v16

These same managers (and the V.P.’s and CEO above) know that sometimes they are forced to discontinue a product because they can no longer procure a key component from a vendor. Although we cannot predict exactly how long a particular BitFlow product will be available, our track record speaks volumes. Nearly all of the frame grabbers we have produced since 1996 are still available for purchase today! Four generations of products, which our customers count on so that they can continue to build products for their paying customers are shipped daily.

All our customers know that BitFlow quality is designed and manufactured into every BitFlow frame grabber. We have frame grabbers continuously working in customer systems for more than a decade. We rarely get problem frame grabbers back for repair – our products reliably capture every image, no matter how big, small, slow, or fast. BitFlow quality lasts for the lifetime of your OEM product.

For the procurement folks and the CFO types, they know that BitFlow’s products are built and priced for OEMs. We understand the pricing pressures being placed on manufacturers today. That is why we designed and built three new families of products with price, performance, reliability, usability, and longevity all in mind. This helps our customers compete for and win new business.

iob-iso35-c144-shot2-v15A vision company needs to know more than just engineering. It takes real vision – the ability to see past the frame grabber products themselves – and to clearly see our customers. We listen to them, and produce only the products and services which are most helpful for their businesses. We provide value wherever we can, and we are always ready to design and build new products whenever our customers require them. This is the way we run our business.

We invite you to try BitFlow and our technology in your next image-based product. You and everyone else at your company will be glad you did.

Where can you find BitFlow products?

In the United States and Canada you can contact us directly, or contact one of our approved product resellers. In any other country please contact your local BitFlow distributor.


Please contact us, email sales @ or call 1-781-932-2900.