Capability Statement

BitFlow, Inc. is a manufacturer of frame grabbers for the imaging and machine vision industry. Since 1993, we have provided the frame grabbers that have enabled thousands of systems to reliably procure video data from cameras and other sources into memory for processing. BitFlow’s customer and technical support is second to none in this industry and in many cases exceeds expectations on a regular basis.

Core Competencies

BitFlow is a leading manufacturer of digital Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers (an electronic device used to transfer images from a camera into a computer).

Differentiation from others

True Scatter-Gather DMA

No Need For Reserved System Memory

Low System Resource Immune DMA engine

Fault Tolerant DMA Engine

Factory Linux Support

Direct GPU Support

Software Compatibility

Past Government Customers

Goddard Space Flight Center

Honeywell Aerospace Engineering Advanced Tech.

EOIR Technologies

DRS Networking and Imaging Systems, LLC

NAICS & Class Codes

334418 – Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing (P)


Donal Waide

Director of Sales

781-932-2900 x 180

400 W Cummings Park, Suite 5050

Woburn MA 01801