Firmware / Hardware Engineer

BitFlow, Inc. is in the business of image acquisition boards, i.e. ‘frame grabbers’. At our facility we design, sell and support hardware and software products. The boards’ assembly is currently completed by contract manufacturing facilities. We are looking for an engineer with knowledge in large FPGA design. The candidate should be proficient in HW/FW design, FPGAs, VERILOG/VHDL, PCI-Express, imaging,  and serial communication.

Job Description:

This is a position requiring hands-on work. There is interaction required with the SW group, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors. The candidate should be able to come up with new ideas for designs, products and applications. A large part of the engineer’s time will be spent on:

  1. Design the FW architecture for our products
  2. Write firmware, VERILOG/VHDL, use IP/cores
  3. Maintain and update current designs
  4. Integrate the FW with the HW and the SW
  5. Simulate the designs
  6. Design tests for product validation
  7. Help transfer designs to production


A Bachelors degree is required. Applicants should have 5-6 years experience, and should be familiar with the following topics:

  1. Design with large FPGAs
  2. Familiar with Altera (Intel) Quartus, logic analyzer
  3. PCI-Express bus interfacing
  4. Scatter-Gather DMA
  5. Serial/packet Gbit communication, SERDES blocks
  6. Design with VERILOG/VHDL
  7. HW Simulation tools
  8. Source code control
  9. Digital imaging, video, serial protocols

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume to

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