Can you explain the colors of the TriLED on the CXP boards?

Each CoaXPress board has one Tri LED per link. Tri LED1 refers to VFG0, Tri LED2 refers to VFG1 etc. Typically all boards flash together if one camera is connected.

Note the following color/flash rate meanings

Blinking Red – Problem with the PCIe interface
Blinking Blue – Looking for a link to see if it needs power
Solid Blue – Link is powered, but not aligned
Blinking Green – Link is aligned and receiving packets
Solid Green – Link is aligned

What are camera files and how do I identify them

BitFlow offers cameras files for almost all of the current Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras that are on the market. In addition to this, you can have camera files for various options that the cameras offer, things like triggers (HW and SW), free running, different ROI to what the sensor offers etc.  In the part we have offered camera files for Analog and Differential cameras.  These files are still available today.

The table here shows which camera files are associated with with frame grabbers

Frame grabbersTypeAssociated file extension
Claxon FXP
Claxon CXP
Cyton CXP
Axion CLCamera Link.bfml
Karbon CL
Neon CL
Camera Link.r64
Alta AN*Analog.anlg
Karbon CXP*CoaXPress.kcxp
Neon DIFDifferential.NDif
R2/R3*Camera Link.rcl

When you download the SDK the camera files will be stored on your hard drive in the following folder
The naming convention is as follows

Manufacturer – Camera maker
Model – Camera model
Resolution – Size of acquired image
BitTap – Bitdepth (E = 8 bits, T = 10 bits, W = 12 bits, F = 14 bits, S = 16 bits) and Number of taps (2 – 10)
Mode – Triggered and/or encoder mode

An example would be the following