BitFlow in Anaheim, CA

BitFlow recently exhibited at the SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Show in Anaheim, California.


Demos                   Demos 2

12 MP cameras from JAI and Adimec were included in a demo highlighting our Cyton CXP4.  Our BitBox, Axion 2xE and Cyton CXP4 were all on display.


Aon display

Our newly released Aon-CXP was on display with a Vieworks camera.

If you attended the show and did not get a chance to speak with us at our booth, please visit us online, submit an inquiry or give us a call at 781-932-2900.

SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing, Anaheim, CA, April 11-13, 2017

BitFlow will be exhibiting at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing in Anaheim, California from Tuesday April 11th through Thursday April 13th.  Our newly released single channel CoaXPress frame grabber, the Aon-CXP will be on display.  12 MP cameras from Adimec and JAI will be included in a demo highlighting our Cyton CXP4.

Come see us at Booth # 359 to see what other BitFlow products will be showcased!

BitFlow SDK 6.30 Released

BitFlow SDK 6.30 has been released.  You can get it on the downloads page.

The primary reason for this release is to support BitFlow’s new BitBox and Aon-CXP. The BitBox is as DIN rail mountable I/O break out box. It provides 36-inputs and 36-outputs to/from a frame grabber. The Aon-CXP is a low cost, single link CoaXPress frame grabber.

This release supports Windows 10 running in secure boot mode.

This release also includes a number of new and innovative software tools:

BitFlow Preview – a new standard in live image view. This tool replaces CiView. The new tools sports a modern interface, provide smooth zooming all the way down to the pixel level. Acquisition is always at the full bit depth of the camera, and images saved from BitFlow Preview are always the full bit depth of the camera (CiView only saved 8-bit images).

The display DLL that Bitflow Preview uses is available as a replacement for the DispSurf display DLL. In fact, a compatibility DLL is shipped which can replace the older DispSurf without requiring any change to your application.

CamML – is a new tool for editing Cyton and Axion camera configuration files (*.BFML). The new tool makes editing these files very simple and easy to understand.

This SDK also provides a number of firmware improvements the Axion and Cyton.

See the “changes.txt” file for a complete list of changes.

This release also includes all the latest camera configuration files and firmware that have been created and updated since the last SDK release.