CoaXPress (3)

Each CoaXPress board has one Tri LED per link. Tri LED1 refers to VFG0, Tri LED2 refers to VFG1 etc. Typically all boards flash together if one camera is connected.

Note the following color/flash rate meanings

Blinking Red – Problem with the PCIe interface
Blinking Blue – Looking for a link to see if it needs power
Solid Blue – Link is powered, but not aligned
Blinking Green – Link is aligned and receiving packets
Solid Green – Link is aligned

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For the Aon, Cyton (2 and 4) – DIN 1.0/2.3
For the Claxon – Micro BNC

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CXP has several different speeds (data rates) and these determine the length of cable required.

For CXP1 or CXP 2.5 or CXP3, the max cable length is 105m
For CXP6 or CXP12, the max cable length is 40m

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