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CategoryTitleTypeDescriptionFile Size
Applications/SDKBitFlow Linux SDK - Contact BitFlow Sales Department ( Drivers and Software Development Kit for all modern BitFlow boards.16.2 MB
Applications/SDKBitFlow SDK 6.6ZIPWindows Drivers and Software Development Kit version 6.6 for all modern BitFlow boards.214 MB
Camera ControlXimilon GenTL ConsumerZIPXimilon is BitFlow's GenTL consumer used to control GenICam compliant cameras connected to BitFlow's CL or CoaXPress frame grabbers. For use with SDK version 5.80 and later76 MB
DriversBitFlow .NET Interface for SDK 6.5 - Contact BitFlow Sales Department ( interface for the BitFlow API for SDK 6.5 (supports C#, VB.NET, etc.)21.3 MB
DriversCognex Vision Pro DriversZIPCognex Vision Pro 6.X/7.X/8.x/9.x drivers, support BitFlow SDK 5.20 to 6.5. Supports both Win32 and x64.1.9 MB
DriversLabVIEW 2023 DriversZIPLabVIEW drivers, Supports LabVIEW 2023, requires BitFlow SDK 6.5. Supports 64 bit LabView only.1.40 MB
DriversMATLAB AdaptorZIPMATLAB Adapter for all BitFlow boards, requires BitFlow SDK 5.20 or later. Supports MATLAB versions 2011a to 2023a.51.1 MB
DriversPython Support LinuxZIPPython bindings for the BitFlow Linux API. Requires BiFlow Linux SDK 9.09 and supports Python 3.8 and 3.10. Documentation and examples included.21 MB
DriversPython Support WindowsZIPPython bindings for the BitFlow API. Requires BitFlow SDK 6.5 and supports Python 3.6, ;3.8 and 3.10. Documentation and examples included.2 MB
ManualsAon, Claxon and Cyton ManualPDFAon, Claxon and Cyton Reference Manual2.1 MB
ManualsAxion Camera File Documentation (*.bfml)HTMLOn-line documentation of the Axion configuration file format (*.bfml) for SDK 6.5. Supports 1xB, 1xE, 2xB, 2xE, 4xB.On line
ManualsAxion-CL ManualPDFAxion-CL Reference Manual2.4 MB
ManualsBitBox ManualPDFBitBox Reference Manual0.9 MB
ManualsBitFlow .NET Interface DocumentationHTMLFull documentation of BitFlow's .NET API (latest SDK 6.5 version)On line
ManualsBitFlow Linux SDK DocumentationHTMLComplete on-line (HTML) documentation of our Linux SDK API.On line
ManualsBitFlow Python API DocumentationHTMLFull documentation of BitFlow's Python Bindings (SDK 6.5 version).On line
ManualsBufIn C++ Class DocumentationHTMLBufIn C++ Class Documentation On line
ManualsCoaXPress Camera File Documentation (*.bfml)HTMLOn-line documentation for the Aon/Claxon/Cyton configuration file format (*.bfml) for SDK 6.5.On line
ManualsKarbon-CL ManualPDFKarbon-CL Reference Manual3.0 MB
ManualsNeon-CL ManualPDFNeon-CL Reference Manual1.8 MB
ManualsSDK ManualPDFSDK Reference Manual4.8 MB
White PapersAn Introduction to the BitFlow SDK ExamplesPDFA detailed description of the examples included in the SDK.225 KB
White PapersControlling CXP Cameras from The BitFlow SDKPDFControlling CoaXPress Cameras from The BitFlow SDK Tools, Configuration File and APIs512 KB
White PapersGetting Started With SDK 6.6PDFGetting started document for installing and testing SDK 6.6325 KB
White PapersVision Research S710 and S990 CamerasPDFInterfacing the Vision Research S710 and S990 with up to four Cytons.640 KB